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Get a glimpse of Platter. No worry it's free

Get a glimpse of Platter. No worry it's free

Serving Knowledge
On A
Silver Platter

Empower Your Team with AI-Powered Workplace Knowledge search,

providing a unified experience across all your company's apps​​


Get a glimpse of Platter. No worry it's free

Indulge in a feast of knowledge,
served on your preferred platter of choice

anytime, anywhere.

With our cutting-edge GPT-Powered technology and intuitive interface,

you can slice through all your data sources and whip up some tasty insights in no time.

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What's On Our Menu

Savor a Platter of Knowledge from All Different Fridges

Just like a chef's special platter that features a variety of flavors and textures, Platter brings all of your favorite knowledge resources together into one kitchen, ensuring you never have to go searching for information in different places again.

Your Own Private Michelin Star Chef for Knowledge Retrieval

Our AI-powered brain works like your very own private Gordon Ramsay, serving you all the knowledge you need in record time. Process, analyze, and interpret your complex data across multiple documents at once. Say goodbye to scrolling through hundreds of pages of documents to find that one answer. With Platter, you'll get the insights you need, when you need them.

Discover Afresh Menu Through Platter's Data Exploration

Like squeezing a lemon to get its zest, our AI-powered system extracts all the essence of your knowledge and presents it in a meaningful and organized way. Easily navigate through vast amounts of complex data and find new insights that can lead to the growth of your business.

Secure Your Knowledge with Platter's Vault-like Protection

Just like how a high-end restaurant ensures their secret recipe, Platter provides you with an iron-clad system that keeps your data secure and separate. You can be sure your knowledge is safe from prying eyes and data breaches with our platform's state-of-the-art security measures. From user access controls to encrypted communication and more, Platter takes your security seriously, more than Mr. Krab.

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