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Your Journey To Unparalleled Legal Precision Begins Here

Elevating trial management through the infusion of cutting-edge AI to revolutionize and reshape the traditional norms of the legal domain.

Effortless Search, Profound Insights

Navigate through volumes of trial documents effortlessly. Platter empowers legal professionals to glean vital information by posing simple questions in everyday language.

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Cross-Referencing for Unmatched Comparisons

Platter doesn’t just find, it analyzes. Cross-reference trial documents with unmatched precision. Identify crucial patterns, distinctions, and correlations in trial information, setting a new standard for precision and efficiency in trial preparation.

Master Your Case Using Trial-Ready Collection

Manage, categorize, and consolidate crucial trial documents from BAP, tuntutan, bukti, to dakwaan — effortlessly through case management. Share internally for collaborative excellence and achieve more precision in every case outcome.  

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Paralegals Empowered, Cases Elevated

More than just a tool — it's a strategic partner. We empower paralegals and legal professionals to set up documents with ease, arranging pivotal information that strengthens your client's case. Contributing to a legal landscape where efficiency meets strategy, Platter's intuitive interface enhances the paralegal's role, making a significant impact on case strategy and client representation.

Fortified Legal Data

Rest assured, your data remains exclusively yours. By utilizing our private LLMs, we guarantee it stays secure and beyond the reach of major AI service providers.

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Revolutionize your trial management with Platter AI. Explore the future of legal efficiency — today.

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